Coffee Services Saint Louis, MO

Coffee Services Saint Louis MO

Coffee Services from Saint Louis, MO, Business Kahve Coffee

Coffee Services in Saint Louis, MO, are available for offices, service locations and other facilities direct from one of the best St. Louis coffee service companies around, namely the St. Louis original Kahve Coffee.  Kahve Coffee is a commercial supplier and vendor of commercial-grade, plumbed in-line coffee brewers, traditional coffee brewing stations (coffee brewers and pot warmers), gourmet coffee selections, cappuccinos, espressos, hot chocolate, tea, and decaffeinated coffee selections that are sure to please your employees and customers.

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Choose Your Brewing Station and Service Options

Kahve Coffee always provides local Saint Louis area businesses with options for great tasting coffee at affordable prices.  We offer plumbed in-line brewing stations—don’t worry we can set them up for you—traditional coffee brewers with reservoir tanks, general maintenance and inventory and coffee supplies restocking services.

We serve a variety businesses, offices, service companies, healthcare facilities, automotive shops and other businesses and organizations in Saint Louis, Saint Louis County and in St. Charles, MO.  Review industries served by Kahve Coffee for a better idea as to whether Kahve Coffee’s coffee services in Saint Louis, MO, are right for your location.

With a service contract, you can opt for one of our high-quality brewing stations, equipment or traditional coffee pot brewers including:

  • Colibri LX Super Automatic Espresso/Cappuccino Unit—one of the best brewing stations on the market in our option
    • The Colibri LX offers users a wide range of drink selections and options including automatic espresso/cappuccino brewing and basic coffee selections
    • Choose up to 12 hot beverage drink selections with this unit
    • This brewing station uses in-line plumbed water; an optional base cabinet is available; or this station can be used as a location-specific plumbed brewer station such as in your office’s kitchen/sink area
    • The Colibri LX may use an optional coin validator or electronic MDB payment options
    • This unit grinds fresh coffee beans in seconds for an exceptional, aromatic hot coffee, espresso, cappuccino or other hot beverage selections
    • Kahve Coffee stocks premium gourmet coffees and hot beverages to please discriminating coffee aficionados
  • Koro FB Brewing Station—a great brewing station for medium-use office requirements
    • The Koro FB is ideal for diverse locations with limited space including small offices, restaurants, hotels, law offices, doctor’s offices, neighborhood bars, bookstores, and service locations
    • You can set up the Koro FB for as many as eight beverage selections
    • An optional carafe is available for complimentary drinks
    • Optional water storage tanks are available—you can use distilled water for the best results
    • This unit may be set up for in-line water plumbing
    • This unit may be set up for an optional MDB Payment Module that allows for electronic pay-per-cup options
  • Standard Coffee Brewers/Restaurant Style Air Pot Brewers—single air pot coffee brewers options for small offices, business and restaurants
    • Standard coffee pot brewer operating features
    • Low-profile coffee brewers with single warmers
    • These units are ideal for small businesses, offices and restaurants
    • This unit uses standard restaurant style brewers
    • These coffee brewers are ideal for complimentary coffee
  • Learn more about Kahve Coffee’s brewing stations and hot beverage selections


Kahve Coffee Maintains and Supplies Your Office with a Service Contract

Kahve Coffee maintains, cleans and restocks your coffee and hot drink supplies with your service contract. When you choose Kahve Coffee for coffee services in Saint Louis, MO, and a general coffee service contract, we will set up the unit, provide periodic, thorough cleaning, cover brewing station maintenance and offer service calls (if you have any difficulties with one of our commercial-grade units).  We also provide automatic monthly coffee supplies inventory stocking service including supplying your location with coffees, coffee beans, teas, hot chocolates, creamers, cups, lids, mixers, stirrers, sweeteners, and other supplies.

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